Giussani Abrasivi was founded in 1954 by Ernesto Giussani; the company, now in its second generation, has today acquired an important share of the Italian market, also establishing itself abroad, thanks to a modern approach centred on the continuous search for specialized products able to meet new market demands and high-tech investments, which over time have led to the construction of new facilities, latest generation automated transformation plants and the purchase of other flexible abrasives companies.

In 1998 the “Novepad” facility opened in Gualtieri (RE) dedicated to the production of flap wheels in abrasive nylon.

In 2012 the Abrasivi Italia Group in Codiverno (PD) was taken over, a company specialized in the transformation of abrasives in the heart of the industrious Veneto region.

In 2015 Abrit in Varedo (MI) was taken over, incorporated into the headquarters in Paderno Dugnano.

In 2020 the Novepad facility in Gualtieri (RE) was doubled in size with the adoption of new plants for even faster, more efficient production.

Paderno Dugnano


The complex in Paderno Dugnano (just a few km north of Milan) occupies an indoor area of 12000 square metres. It is equipped with the most modern technological equipment for the manufacture of abrasive sanding belts used on all types of surfaces: metal, wood, paint, ceramic, rubber, leather, fibreglass, etc.

Modern, carefully calibrated cutters, latest generation automated equipment for splicing, combined with the availability of a broad range of abrasive papers and cloths in various sizes, allow the production of abrasive belts reaching heights of up to 3750 mm.

The electronic testing of splices allows high daily production rates combined with quality control, which is increasingly important in the modern manufacturing landscape.

Reggio Emilia


In 1998 NOVEPAD was created, a brand that produces multi-layer wheels and rolls in abrasive nylon (flaps), with a dedicated factory in the land of the Gonzagas.

Italian flaps were born in this area and the experience of those who worked in Novellara, now in Gualtieri, inspired by the energy of the parent company in Paderno Dugnano, allowed the NOVEPAD brand to gain notoriety both in Italy and abroad, becoming a leader in stainless steel service centres and the ceramic sector.

The company was able to grow and continues to do so also thanks to the trust and collaboration of important manufacturers of machinery in which abrasive rolls are used.

In 2020 the facility was doubled in size with the adoption of new plants for faster and more efficient production, keeping up to step with modern market demands.



Strategically positioned in the heart of the industrious Veneto region, Abrasivi Italia Group was taken over by the Giussani family in 2012.

The company’s production capacity and capillary presence in the North East allows improved market penetration and a more effective and efficient service for its clients.