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Abrasivi flessibili

Rulli lamellari

Modern equipment is used to manufacture an extensive range of different-sized products, allowing to cover and meet the broadest requirements from the different markets in order to realize abrasive belts up to 3000 mm. in width.

Specialist products:
In addition to the standard coated abrasives, the company can also supply a full range of complementary specialist products, which supplement the offer of client solutions aiming to provide a 360 degree service.

Production Line

All of our products can be categorized with a breakdown by sectors and products with related materials available.
In the following pages you will be able to identify the product that best fits your needs and download in PDF format pdf the corresponding Technical.


freccia Wood
freccia Paint
freccia Metal
freccia Ceramics-Cotto-Marble
freccia Plastics-Resins-Rubber
freccia Leather-Calf-Tissues
freccia Car Body


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