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Abrasivi flessibili

Rulli lamellari

Modern equipment is used to manufacture an extensive range of different-sized products, allowing to cover and meet the broadest requirements from the different markets in order to realize abrasive belts up to 3000 mm. in width.

Specialist products:
In addition to the standard coated abrasives, the company can also supply a full range of complementary specialist products, which supplement the offer of client solutions aiming to provide a 360 degree service.

Prodotti speciali
Plastics - Resins - Rubber

Here you can download the respective Technical.


freccia pdf AG 513 ER
freccia pdf AG SCF
freccia pdf AG SCG
freccia pdf AG 236 F

freccia pdf AG 611 F
freccia pdf AG 437 E


freccia Flap Novepad
freccia Flap Paper Mixed
freccia Flap Canvas Mixed
freccia Flap White - HD
freccia Radial Discs
freccia Canvas Flap Wheels


pdf DEER PC221
freccia pdf DEER JC122M
freccia pdf DEER JC122
freccia pdf DEER KC237
freccia Surface Conditioning
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