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Established in 1998 in Novellara (in the Gonzaga land) the company produces nylon abrasive flap wheels and rolls under the brand name NOVEPAD.
In this region flap wheels were first produced in Italy and the experience of the employees working at Gualtieri (the new factory plant from January 1, 2012) , together with the dynamism of the Paderno Dugnano parent company has made a successful NOVEPAD brand both in Italy and abroad and a market leader in stainless steel service centres.
The company has grown and is continuing to do so, having gained the trust of the working relationship with major manufacturers of machines which fit abrasive brushes.

Abrit Srl - Abrasivi Italia Group Srl

The development of Giussani Abrasivi is also reflected in major strategic acquisitions: in 2012 it took place the acquisition of Abrasivi Italia Group of Codiverno (PD), in the heart of the Veneto hardworking, equipped with machines for transformation of low abrasive belts.
In 2018 was incorporated Abrit Srl, historical company of Varedo (MI) specialized in the production of segmented belts for the chipboard industry, with converting lines of high and low abrasive belts.
Both allow to Giussani Abrasives greater capacity and better market penetration

Abrasivi Paderno Dugnano
Paderno Dugnano

The factory in Paderno Dugnano (a few km north of Milan) covers an area of 12000 m2.
It is equipped with the most advances technologies to manufacture abrasive belts used for polishing surfaces, such as metals, wood, ceramics, etc.

Reali Street, 1
20037 - Paderno Dugnano (MI) - Italy
Phone +39 02 99043001/2 - Fax +39 02 9180107

Factory Flap:
XXV Aprile Street, 19
42044 - Gualtieri (RE) - Italy
Phone +39 0522 651134 - Fax +39 0522 656071

Abrasivi Italia Group Srl
Bosco Street, 5
35010 - Codiverno di Vigonza (PD) - Italia
Phone +39 049 9202140 - Fax +39 049 9202129
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