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Tradition, Experience, Innovation:

Our company was founded in 1954 by Ernesto Giussani.

Today, with his sons, the company has a significant share of the Italian market alongside a growing international presence, through pioneering investments in the sector and an innovative approach, which focuses on on-going research and development of new products and specialist processes to meet market demands.

Modern, appropriately sized cutting machines and the latest generation of automatic jointing equipment, together with electronic monitoring of the joints themselves, enables high daily production rates combined with quality control, which is becoming increasingly important.

Giussani Abrasivi s.r.l.

The Giussani Abrasivi is a company specialized in manufacturing nylon abrasive (flap) with the brand NOVEPAD, it is used to make wide and narrow wheels (flap wheels) of the sizes and types required by the market.
NOVEPAD is also used to make flat cut discs, ventilated buffs, narrow rolls, sheets and belt and is also available in complete rolls for customers to use in their own processes.

In addition to the standard coated abrasives, the company can also supply a full range of complementary specialist products, which supplement the offer of client solutions aiming to provide a 360 degree service.

Through the technical and commercial development constantly tended to customer satisfaction, we are pleased to inform that

Giussani Abrasives became the official exclusive importer for Italy of DEERFOS, the first manufacturer of coated abrasives of South Korea.

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